• The multi-sectoral fidelity card which awards all purchases.
  • Purchase on the best e-commerce sites and thousands of com- panies in the territory. The Smart Points are easily convertible on-line in Holiday Cou- pons, Petrol Vouchers, Telephone Cards Reloading and Expen- diture Coupons that can be spent at your sales point.
    It is the Fidelity programme that allows the companies to award its customers and to acquire new ones. In fact, consumers sub- scribing to the fidelity programme on July 2014 are more than 750,000.

  • Customer management
  • The associated companies have a software called CRM Mar- keting System which offers the opportunity to monitor sales and costruct its own marketing data base to an SMS and NewsLetter tool with preset campaigns.

  • Take your shop on-line
  • It is likely that there are many holders of Smart people Cards interested just to what you are offering and who still do not know you. We shall give you the opportunuty to reach them by offering to you an exclusive customised win- dow-shop on portal and making available to you valid tools.

  • Companies, shops and commercial activities in general have at their disposal a turn-key system to keep customers loyal and conqueror new ones ( about 750.000 members).
    We provide the complete activation system, including processing of the paperwork at the ministry of productive activities.

  • What is their use
  • Promotions, fidelity and incentivising to consumption, trade and sales power campaigns. Customer’s data base analysis. Communication campaigns with newsletters and SMS.

  • The target
  • Small, medium and large size companies of various product sectors.

  • Customized Smart people Cards
  • It is a service dedicated to companies that need to rub at least 1,000 Cards and safeguard their identity for promo- tional purposes. An essential tool to promote membership campaigns of sports, recreation, Political, syndicate, etc. To offer a competitive advantage to members that have the opportunity to earn purchasing power over 250 merchants present on line. The promoting organisation of the Smart membership obtains a new source of financing by receiving 0.003 EUR for each point accumulated by members from this association.

  • What is their use
  • Promotions, fidelity and incentivising to consumption cam- paigns.

  • The target
  • Small, medium and large size Companies and Associations.