• It is a benefit promotion valid for 4 adults.
  • The holder of the coupon can book free of charge a stay in Formula Resi- dence in the green and light green periods (low and me- dium seasons).
    Only subscription and insurance quotas are paid. High and very high seasons can also be booked and the Formula Hotel at the privileged conditions indicated on the Holiday Coupon catalogue.

  • It is a turn-key loyalty system which always awards with a holiday!
  • A collection of points thought of and dedicated to 53% of consumers who are not familiar with the Internet.
    The Ad- vantage Holiday circuit provides to the subsidiary activities a very modern system for customer loyalty, maintaining low management costs, by increasing the business volume thanks to the larger expenditures made by the usual cu- stomers and sales targeted to new clients coming from the circuit.
    In the kit are included the collection cards, the stic- ker Points, the display, the totem, space on the online “Shop on the territory” section. It includes the processing of the paperwork at the Ministry for Productive Activities.

  • What is its use
  • Promotion, loyalty and incentivising to consumption cam- paigns.

  • The target
  • Small, medium and large size companies of various pro- duct sectors.

  • È uno strumento di promo-incentivazione
  • che permette, all'azienda che lo acquista, di regalare ai propri clienti uno sconto dal listino ufficiale di IperVacanze per la loro prossima vacanza.