• allows the consumer to obtain 10/15/20 Gold Holiday Coupon
  • for 4 adults, valid for boo- king a stay of one week in the green periods, (low and me- dium seasons) in Formula Residence, at choice on the Holiday Coupon catalogue; it also allows to book in the blue and red seasons (high and very high seasons) with di- scounts from 20% to 70%.

  • First class holidays by the best tour operators.
  • This formula comes from the agreement signed with the best operators and tourist managers specialised in holiday packages. A collaboration that ensured privileged rates on travel and holidays throughout the world.
    First class Travel Coupons is the key for accessing to dream holidays with discounted rates up to 50% plus an extra di- scount of 7% reserved only to Gold members.
    The large number of structures are located in the most fa- scinating destinations, among which Zanzibar, Kenya, Me- xico, Maldives, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Jamaica, Mauritius, Egypt, Spain, Greece, etc..

  • An unlimited quantity of the Gold Privilege Holiday Coupon
  • for booking at privileged conditions holidays in Italy. It is possible to have unlimited bookings in Italy by selecting from the ca- talogue a maximum of 2 apartments per week for the For- mula Residence and up to 8 persons per week for the Formula Hotel. Stays do not include travel, meals and con- sumptions to be paid locally.

  • Our idea is simple:
  • give to the Classic Gold and Gold Pri- vilege Members the advantages of a reliable travel agency always available for organising and plan holidays, without wasting time and without surprises!

  • The advantages:
    • A circuit of residences, hotels and villages selected with care to satisfy every requirement.
    • The assistance of one of our remote consultant before, during and after the holiday.
    • The convenience of a purchasing group.
    • The apartment at 0 costs in the promotional seasons.
    • Organisation dealing with holidays and much more since 20 years.
    • Guaranteed saving from 20% to 70%.
    • Insurance Policy throughout the duration of stay.